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Adaptive accounts is a Cambridgeshire based company which provides a professional bookkeeping service, payroll service and accounting business. Adaptive accounts offers many services to a wide range of business sectors and industries. We pride ourself in being different and an exciting business working to every business based on their individual needs and supporting in many ways to work together as a team. Helping business owners to gain greater understanding of their business and performance.

Latest news and updates

Real Time Information – employers beware!

Under the current PAYE system employers submit year end returns including form P35 band P14’s.....

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Compulsory pensions for
all employers 2013

You open your payslip and your salary is less than usual, quite a bit less. This could be your employees come October 2013....

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Long Term or Short Term Contracts

Long term or short term contracts.....

Competitive Pricing

Adaptive accounts apply many different pricing methods that can be suited to your business.....

Businesses We Can Support:

Small & medium businesses
Self Employed
Free Lancer