Cashflow Forecasting

Is your business often experiencing a cash flow crisis?

Cash flow forecast are vital to the management of cash, they show over periods, long or short cash surpluses or shortages, this helps with planning for those periods for the best saving or best borrowing options or any solutions to help improve the forecast.

Profit but no cash?

Adaptive accounts can work with your business to improve your working capital and operating cycle, Day to day cashflow challenges can have an impact on your business survival, you can be working to a good profit but if your cash flow is poor your business could fail, some businesses often wonder why they show healthy profits, but have no money in the bank, this often is due to improvements needed in the operating cycle, see some solutions below:

Better Cash Flow solutions:

With our expertise we can apply a few procedures and support a business to encourage better cashflow and avoid a cash crisis for example:

  • Applying for credit with suppliers and using this credit
  • Maintining a active credit control system (improving debtor days)
  • Buying less inventory if not needed ( applying Just in time)
  • Regular credit checks on customers to avoid bad debts
  • Overtrading (we can advise how to manage this)
  • Borrowing advise
  • Preparing a regular cash flow budget and cash flow forecast

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