Payroll Service

Are you looking for payroll service to increase the efficiency?

Employing staff is an exciting progression for your business but the rules and regulations that go along with paying them can be a nightmare.  Adaptive accounts payroll services can take the headache out of your payroll for you by producing weekly or monthly payroll reports on how much to pay your staff and HMRC, producing payslips, and submitting your end of year payroll reports, ensuring compliance with current legislation, also dealing with any employee queries relating to their salary.

Services offered

We offer a range of payroll services. These include on a periodic weekly, fortnightly, monthly or four weekly basis. We can also email or send you employee payslips, a periodic report or details of what needs to be paid to HMRC. We also liaise with HMRC in relation to payroll matters and inquiries, and can complete employers P35 annual returns and P60s. We can even give specific payroll advice on the most efficient way to pay your employees.


PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn and is the system used by HMRC to collect income tax and National Insurance from employees as well as the employer’s National Insurance. ¬†The employer makes the necessary deductions from the pay of the employee and pays them over to HMRC, this is the employers responsibility and must be actioned to HMRC deadlines and rules.

How does it work?

Adaptive will provide you with a template for new employees and submission form for each payroll for all the relevant straight forward information, We will then take care of the rest and provide you with:

  • Sealed payslips to ensure staff security is guaranteed or Email PDF.
  • Monthly Payroll Reports
  • Year end reports

Do you need support for Payroll Year end

We cover:

  • Monthly/weekly payroll processing service
  • P45, P46, P38S etc.
  • P14/P60/P35 End of year processing
  • P11D (If required)

You may only need help at year end or with the production of the above – Adaptive can offer some temporary help to see you through the deadlines and organisation of the figures.

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