Accounting for VAT and VAT Returns (value added tax)

You must register for  VAT as soon as taxable turnover of your business reaches the VAT registration limit (presently £73,000), although you can also register on a voluntary basis if your turnover is below this, You believe your turnover in the next thirty days will exceed the registration limit; please call us and we can support the registration of your business.

Meet the deadlines

Due to many deadlines a business faces with regards to taxation we offer a complete VAT service whereby we will ensure your VAT return is correct and filed on time so your business can avoid any penalties.

Advise from adaptive accounts

We will also advise you if we think on the best VAT scheme for your needs and ensure your business adjusts its practices when legislative changes are implemented meaning your business will remain compliant.

Important to get it right?

Accounting for VAT is very important, a business not having the time or even the understanding  can lead to incorrect accounting for VAT and can result in errors on your VAT account, incorrect payments to HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) and possible fines, affecting your cash flow. Here at Adaptive accounts we have many experiences of filing all different VAT schemes. You can be sure that your VAT is being managed by experts.

We can look at what is best suited for your business

There are many VAT schemes that can financially help your business, are you missing out on extra cash flow or tax savings. Below is some of the VAT schemes that could suit your business.

If you think you could benefit from a review of your current accounting scheme call today.

VAT Schemes

  • Flat rate
  • Cash accounting
  • Annual accounting scheme

If  you would like to discuss any of the above or any other method HMRC offer please get in contact and we can provide a service to you.